Late night

I went to the supermarket and spent a huge amount of money on food today. I was on my own so didn’t fancy loading up more than one trolley but I filled it to bursting with stuff. Cheese and meat and stuffing and veg and just endless piles of food. I’ll have to go back tomorrow because I’ve got virtually no alcohol and there are other basic things that I’ve run out of and hadn’t remembered, like kitchen foil. I’ve still got a broken oven in the middle of my kitchen and a working oven unconnected in the living room. I still haven’t really got decorations up. Tomorrow afternoon and evening is going to be a busy time. Our Christmas madness has somehow reached the local papers. I’m still not certain how many people we will be catering for. It’s pushing 2am and the only reason I’m still awake is because I turned in and remembered I hadn’t written this.

I lost a few hours in the evening to family, and it was worth it. Rupert, my half brother, was having Christmas drinks. I arrived with Max and two of his kids and Svetlana. They picked me up in their car so we could arrive together. Nicholas and Catherine are 13 and 17 now. Time flies. Terrifying. There was a good sized gathering of family, spanning a wide age range.

We had quite a large amount of pink champagne and caught up, and I remembered that I’ve got family. I don’t see them as much as I should. It was lovely to catch up with all of them – two of Ruperts kids as well. A good diverse bunch of very very tall people. I’m very much on the low end of the height scale for my family. The Barclays have a habit of springing up to ungodly heights and looming over everybody from there.

Now I’m lying in bed winding down so I can rest before one last show and then Christmas.

Christmas is going to be fun, that’s certain, but I’m not convinced it’s going to be very restful. Campbell, another one of my nephews, is arriving tomorrow morning at dawn on a bus from Aberdeen. I’ve hidden my keys in various flowerpots so he can get into the flat without waking me up as I’ll need my beauty sleep. I’m not thrilled with my bank balance right now, but Christmas is Christmas and I’ve got another two weeks pay on Christmas Carol to look forward to, which if I’m careful will make up for the outlay. It’ll be worth it.

If I’m good I might be able to get the old oven out with Campbell before I go to work. I’ll set my alarm for a reasonable time and see how it goes. There’s so much to do, before I even think about the cooking. It’s gonna be completely lovely. But work first. And sleep before work.


Here’s me with Max and Rupert.. Three tall myopic brothers…

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