End of opening week

Midnight. I’m home. Likely to be in bed before long. Monday is my day off and I’m looking forward to it. Last week I had a Twelfth Night on my day off and this week has been delightful but costly. My plan for tomorrow is to sleep in and then take it easy. I’m going for lunch with my downstairs neighbour who got flooded out by my dishwasher when I was in America. I still don’t really know how it all fell out but it was a stressful time and I have a strong suspicion that he is going to slap me with a large bill. I saw a bunch of workmen changing his carpets last week. I had told him by email I’d pay to have them cleaned but he went one step further. I wonder what sort of numbers he comes up with…

We are into the run proper now, and there will probably be some notices on Monday to raise sales as we move through the season. Tonight and last night were just joyful. Exactly what we want. Unruly but respectful silly fun people enjoying the story and playing the game. Lots of people exchanging contact details after the show. Not many people being weird. There are always one or two. There was a guy today going on about the portion sizes. He was huge, and had a full plate. The audience serves themselves and each other, and he was surrounded by full platters of food. If he wanted more he just had to give it to himself. But he wanted to have a moan. It’s weird how some people just like to kick off. Jack and I got to sample the food for the first time today as the chef overcatered and there was tons left over. It’s marvelous. Weirdo.

Now I’m home, enjoying the quiet, running a bath and about to watch Rick and Morty. I’ll probably be up for another hour but no more, as I’m engaged in the wind down now. There must be a more efficient way of pulling the adrenaline out, but I’m yet to find it. Time, booze and warm water. Tomorrow I’ll try not to talk much and I’ll try to steam lots.

Now the show is open I’m starting to think about Christmas. The flat doesn’t look particularly Christmassy right now and it’s filled with bricabrac. I’m going to have to dress it up – maybe get a tree – and do the lights and tinsel and all that. Otherwise my workplace is infinitely more Christmassy than my home. There’s a lot to do but if I work out a better wind down I’ll get my days back and then I’ll have time to do all sorts of things.

If you know anyone who will be stuck in London for Christmas, Orphan Christmas is going ahead here with Brian and I. If you know anyone who you think would enjoy Christmas Carol – or if you might – here’s the link for tickets! Hooray / Humbug.




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