America Day 24 – San Anton show day one

My dreams keep taking me to London, weirdly. I’m very happy here but London’s calling. I live by the river! I keep dreaming mundane dreams about my friends. I even dreamt a brilliant birthday present that I’m probably going to put into practice in due course. Variation is the spice of life though. And San Antonio is sufficiently unfamiliar to keep me happy.

I woke with the cockerel – early but hungover and knowing I’d have to go in and talk to 45 young adults about slavery. It turned out to be a very positive session, but the first ten minutes involved me getting us all to say “Yes!” to each other in a circle in various different ways, mostly as a way of shifting our slow shared energy into something positive together. It worked. It switched up the group. There was some good engagement by the end of the session.

I like this split focus, workshops and shows. The daytimes are spent examining how we go about our craft and trying to communicate it to people from many different walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Then in the evenings we all go on stage and make a story out of nothing but our own belief in it and one man’s ancient words.

When one of us is tired or upset or distracted it shows in all of us. We are all so bonded now and in effortless comprehension of each other’s state of mind and body. We look after each other as best we can, and we really do, and know how to.

The music feels much more organic as we go through. I love how my accordion has ended up on tour with me. We’ve made room for it in the show. I get to practice a little bit every day, and before long I might actually put it on my CV. But we can all stand on stage playing something and have moments of musical togetherness, and the power of the five of us with nothing is, essentially, the whole point of the job. Yes we tell the play, and do it skillfully. But the major USP to my mind is the fact that it’s just five actors and a suitcase being idiots round America. We’ve got each other. And that’s a lot. We’ll give it a shot.

I’ve been writing while eating pizza. We ordered some in. We were starving post show but by the time it came I’d had a few beers and lost my appetite. I managed two slices before sliding back and getting started on this. The guys appreciate my antisocial tendencies. Especially since it’s late tonight. The time difference doesn’t blend well with my ill hours.


Our next show is Friday night at The Empire Theatre downtown. It’s basically a West End venue. They have told us where the scene dock is so we can unload the van. We will arrive with a blue suitcase and no van, and have three lighting cues. I’m curious to see how they react…

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