Fun stories

Breakthroughs today in character. A rehearsal out of a discussion into a shift that makes so much sense of Belch. I’ve got the key, finally, to this remarkable fellow. He’s fun, but much more calculating and manipulative than me. But it was one of those moments where the character drops in, today. I’ve felt it before. I felt it today. I know who he is now fully. Just in time. I can’t wait to go through the play again with what we discovered today. But we are in a good place to go to America. Which is just as well, considering that’s what we’ll be doing.

We’ve been rehearsing in Brixton. Frances who runs the venue cooks for us every Friday. Jerk chicken, rice and peas, with spicy spinach and salad. Vast portions. She’s a feeder. She made us rum cake. “Have it at home in the evening with a cup of tea.” I had it with a can of beer. I dreamt torture dreams all night. Two other cast members had terrible dreams too after rum cake but no cup of tea. I always usually have a hand on the tiller dreaming, but I couldn’t. The rum cake was tasty but the hand it put into my dream was the corrupted hand of a gebbeth.

Now I’m aware I’ve only got one day – Saturday – before I leave. In the morning I’m off to the accordion shop in Lewisham. Then to Specsavers Tottenham Court Road. Then home to put things into cases and make sense of the stuff I’ll be taking out to America with me. I’ll be going through a variety of seasons over there. From 1pm I’m having open house just so I can have company when I’m packing. I’ve got food. I’ve only mentioned it to about 3 people. As it should be. But you’re invited.

It’s business as usual round my flat apart from the fact it isn’t as I’m leaving. Pickle had assumed the position and was drilling her purr into my belly when suddenly Al showed up. Another Al. He’s been in my life for a decade or more and he’s making crazy good theatre and will be staying in my room for a bit while I’m away. As always this place seems to be a playground for ideas, thoughtful people poetry and cats.

I know from being in Newquay that sleeping without Pickle will take some getting used to. She and I have been constant for too long now. Brian and Mel will be looking after her when I’m away though, and she loves them too. She will be a happy beast.

I had the evening with Flavia and Ivo. I was made to read The Book With No Pictures. It’s fun but it’s definitely not a sleepy book in the hands of Ivo and I. We were bouncing around like fools. Stories are fun. That’s the job we do…


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