Making my den

I’m back in the park. The sun is close to setting and I’m thinking I might want to get a few cheap blankets if I’m going to be out here for a few hours every night but I’ll probably be ok with adrenaline etc. If I need some solar festoons they’re pretty easy to find at this time of year. I’ve got the beginnings of a beautiful den though and I’m comfortable here.

I’m under a willow tree. Appropriate considering The Factory are making a short lived Anthony and Cleopatra to be performed in a living willow tree in Wales and this is the reason I can’t play with them. It’s lovely there. I want to make things as lovely as I can in my little Shakespeare willow.

I haven’t got any wind chimes yet, but being me I’ll be looking to add them next week. Or I’ll be hanging shells up. Shells fit the world. Unlike incense, but I’m discreetly burning ylang-ylang from the covered market so it smells nice and brings in the sense of smell. The more senses the better really. I can’t think of anything story appropriate that I can feed the audience with. I mean, oysters… But no.

To my left there’s a slow flowing stream. To my right the setting sun. Birds and evening play from grown ups and children in the park are the sounds that carry to me here in my verdant den right now. And occasional planes.

There’s a test audience on the way. They might be half an hour yet but they’re coming. I’m going to get them to pull a wet sandbag out of the water and then talk to them for a bit in verse. I can’t remember all the lines yet so I’ll make some of them up. Then I’ll get them to sing with me. The usual stuff. And a lovely place for it. I’ll probably find something better than a sandbag eventually, or find a way to make a sandbag work.


The Germans paid me today for the Newquay filming so I reflexively sent my lovely agent a Magnum of Bollinger. Always give presents you’d like to receive. And sadly it looks like the bike, in the short term, is going out the window (not literally though.) That’ll work out a lot cheaper, a lot less fun and a little less certain on the commute, but means that I’m probably not outlaying on a big bike so I can afford to be extravagant with presents. And they’ve been brilliant. Plaudits and joy to my excellent agents at Esta Charkham Associates – find your actors there!

Joy to everybody else who helped me towards this delightful and well paid summer and autumn of work! We are nothing without other people. In this business it’s as much about the artist as it is about the support network. I’ve been blessed over the last few years, and it’s only getting lovelier.

This summer, apart from a two week headfuck overlap, I’m looking golden. The overlap sans bike won’t kill me either. It’s manageable. I’m likely going to get the train pass organised in the next few days and then just splash out on Ubers from Paddington late at night. Not what I wanted. But if I can’t get my test in time to upgrade to a big bike, I’m not squealing up to Oxford on a little bike every day. Ironically a little bike is infinitely more dangerous for a journey like that.

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