Rounders phone

Halfway through a game of rounders, I get a call from Germany. It’s the unit base. Bad weather contingency filming. There’s been lots of bad weather in Cornwall. More bad weather even than they’d catered for. The downside of filming by the seaside. It must be the same in The Isle of Man. They need me on set on Tuesday so I’m flying to Newquay tomorrow. Flying. To Cornwall!! Indulgence. Joyful. I get to take a checked bag because they’ve asked me to bring the Gucci shoes I wore to audition. I’ll probably bring some even more bullshit shoes as an option. I have no idea how long I’ll be in Cornwall for. So I’ll just load up with pants and socks, and take a stack of smart clothes and the means to play music, the means to charge phones and the means to read books.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m better at rounders when I’m on the phone than I am when focusing on the rounders. Who knew? When I wasn’t in the middle of a work call, I missed the ball three times. When I was on a work call I tried to wait until the call was over before playing my turn. But I ended up having to play mid call with people shouting “What you doing on the phone?” loud enough that they definitely heard it. I had to tell them. “I’m playing rounders while we talk.” I informed them. Then successfully  whacked the ball and ran to second base while on the phone to the unit. They employed me for the truth of me. Why lie?

It appears I’ve agreed to fly to Newquay tomorrow afternoon. There is no return booked. We are a slave to the weather. They’ll do what’s possible when it’s possible and I’ll be on standby in my smart shoes. I’ll be part of a huge machine making it possible. I love filming for that aspect. So many people simultaneously specialising, using time in a very odd way, making stories in this clever disjointed beautiful community manner.

Glad I get a suitcase. But what to put in it? I’ll decide tomorrow morning.

My Sunday afternoon was a delight. Lots of very grounded people. No alcohol. I’m lucky to have influences like that in this somewhat unpredictable and haphazard existence. Especially considering what was to come, where a spontaneous decision to make sure I didn’t miss the party of a dear friend – who has always been there for me – spiraled into a potentially lethal situation with some of the most efficient party friends I’ve got. I somehow managed to call it at just 1am. I’m getting better at calling it. But going into this long run of work its a good practice.

This coming period is what I’ve been waiting for. What I’ve been working for. When I feel like my time is not my own I’ll be good to remember that. All the work I’ve done finding income streams that don’t tie me down in advance is validated at last. And looming large on the horizon is a period where I take the booze out of the equation in order to maximise my time and emotional availability because I’ll have to maximise it. This is the cusp of a great summer. Bring it on.


Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

7 thoughts on “Rounders phone”

  1. Yes. Although please be aware that I’m blending reality and fiction here. So even if you see me working on screen do not for a second assume that I’m not writing from a fictionalised perspective. I like to play with the boundaries. My character has opinions that I would never have. As a stranger to me who has started to engage with my content it is particularly important that you understand this. For instance my character is about to attack the very rich company Nestlé for their ethics. In reality I think Nestlé are a very judicious company and I’ve enjoyed their products over many years. But my character thinks they are monsters.


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