There is nothing like returning to the scene of a trauma.

A while ago I wrote a relatively emo blog. Disclosing very little. Upset and angry about a non-specific bad thing I had done.

Yeah so I got parked in a car park you should only use if you’re doing science things. I went in with the Soul Van for not specifically scientific reasons. It was after my resident’s permit expired, when I was paying £40 a day to park the thing, and having to move it every 4 hours. I made it possible through someone’s work. He did me a favour in exchange for picking up some stuff for him, and I was able to invigilate at Imperial – a day of work that would have been essentially pointless if I’d had to pay for parking.

Everything would’ve been fine if I hadn’t accidentally fucked up somebody’s lovely car.

“Hi I’ve punched a hole in somebody’s bonnet.” (Don’t ask)

“Which car is it?”

“That blue one.”

*Long sucked inhale* “That’s X person’s car…”

“Who’s that?”

“They’re in charge of the whole building.”

Twenty minutes later I walk out into the car park to hear loudly spoken indignance. I make myself known. They make the connection between me and the person who let me park there.

Apparently “thankfully we’ve got a lovely garage. They’re very fair. They will give a very reasonable quote.” To my ears that sounds like “Hello, *first name* lovely to see you *first name* we will make it as good as new for you don’t you worry, and we’ll do it at a knock down price as well, as you’re here so often, *first name*. Ok. Bye now *first name* LOVELY to see you again! Send my love to *other wallet* won’t you! Bye! Say goodbye Sam! Bye. … … Ok Sam – make a note to double whatever they quote for the touch up. We can make some money here.”

I still haven’t seen the quote. They asked for my email address yesterday so it’s coming. It’s gonna make my eyes water for sure. I’m hoping they really do have “a lovely garage” but whenever I hear that sort of line delivered in the accent it was delivered in, I think of the armies of “lovely” people who were constantly on standby waiting to scam my mother – “Just call whenever you need it Mrs B.”

I took a van into the same car park today. Different van. Loading and unloading some “Science” things. It’s not the first time. Won’t be the last. Good to have a reason to be there again as for a moment I found it emotionally quite tricky just to be present in that place. Even though I have no idea how much the “lovely garage” will be asking for.

It might well be fine. This person seems extremely competent and they run an important building very well. Maybe they’ve genuinely found a lovely honest garage despite this expensive accent. I don’t think they live in London, so the chances are higher that they have. But until I know if I’m going to get stung for tons I can’t and won’t stop worrying about it. Not budgeting, mind. I couldn’t do that if I tried. Worrying. I even told them at the time: “I’ll make this good. But it might take me some time.” Yes. But how much time? I guess I’ve got all that to look forward to. There’s always a loan… Hooray. etc


Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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