And I’m back in Portsmouth, unexpectedly. Call for last minute work. “Can you drive to Portsmouth and do a thing tomorrow?” “Yes, yes I can…” It’s well paid, so fine. I was going to use tomorrow to sort ephemera.

I’ve been starting to list things on eBay. Gradually getting quicker at it. Growing more efficient at shutting down the little voice that says “But it’s nice, maybe you should just keep it.” None of this stuff is going to sell for much, and a lot of it won’t sell at all. Uncle Peter had a framed picture of Jesus with the caption “The Lord turned and looked upon Peter … and Peter remembered.” It sells for 30p online. I sent a picture to my mate, also called Peter, and it’s right up his street. Another weird thing sent to a good home. And I reckon I’ll get a pint out of it.

Beecroft, Herbert, 1864-1951; Christ

I invigilated a load of exams today and when it was peaceful I kept on reflexively listing things on eBay. I’m listing them at the bus stop, on the tube, in the loo. I go until I run out of photos and then when I’m home I have another little photo session. I’ve ordered an LED pop up photo booth on Amazon so I can be more efficient. I’m going to turn myself into an eBay demon. So long as I don’t fall in love with the things … but it’s hard. Thankfully his jackets are way too big for me, and I can usually derail myself when I think “I should get this hemmed.” He had a lot of shoes, all of which fit me and many of which are extremely expensive. I’ll make sure I sell the bulk of them, but keep a pair back for auditions.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be spent really categorising and sorting things so I can get faster and sell more items in bulk. I need space to do that but I think I’ve found a possible option for a day or two of peaceful sorting. In the meantime, I’m starting to get responses from various hobbyists who can give me an idea of the worth and provenance and age of things, although I’m still lost in ceramics.  But even though it’s been more lucrative to have the van empty and pay for storage for the unsorted ceramics and busts and ephemera, they need to be sorted and I want it done so I know what goes to Carol and what goes elsewhere. What I keep for theatre and what I send to auction or charity. Down the line I might have my own warehouse space, or empty flat that I can deliberately fill with random objets d’art. But at the moment I’ve just got too much interesting junk and nowhere to put it, so I’ll keep on listing it on eBay and seeing who bites until I’ve got enough space in my flat and in my mind to take on more.

Meanwhile early bed in another Premier Inn and another random day to follow…


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