It’s already dark outside. The sun went down over an hour ago. I barely glimpsed it out of the window, as I committed wholeheartedly to having a proper day off. This is the shortest day. An optimistic time, perhaps. Yule. After this night the days get longer again and we struggle through winter and back to the light of the Spring. Now is the time to regroup. To curl up in our burrows and to cling to each other for warmth, and hope that the old pattern repeats itself and the nights don’t keep on lengthening until we are plunged into darkness for good.

It’s also the middle of the Saturnalia though, and the moon is full. So we’re called upon to party in the gloom, to wield the fire that we were given to tend, and make sharp noisy spots of light in the dark places.

After a very lazy day of hot baths and reading, I’m going to throw on my three piece and hit the town. What better, on my night off, than to take in a spot of immersive theatre. I’m off to Gatsby. Let someone else do the work for a change. Like Carol, Gatsby was made in York, and it’s back here for the season. It’s on in a building on Monkgate. Lots of friends are involved. It’ll be a great frame for a solstice party, an excuse to dress up smart and drink bubbles, plus we get to support the show and watch our mates work hard while we have a day down. Hooray.

Last night I had a collision of worlds, when a friend who I had last seen on the pilgrim road came to the show with her two daughters, and then got swept up in post show lunacy. It’s only a little more than a month since I threw that holy water in the ocean even if it feels like forever past. I’m still living out of my dusty rucksack, wearing my great big boots and my walking socks. The paraphernalia of that long trail are still attached to me, and the lessons of the path are burnt in me for good it seems. To see her face in the audience was a delight, though. Great to be in this show that I’ve done for years, and to understand that I’m a slightly different shape now inside and out. I was thrilled to see her. It helped me remember.

My Fitbit is disappointed in me, but it gets taken off for the show, which is where I get my cardio, so it doesn’t have the full picture. Having been completely immersed in this show for a few weeks, I’m beginning to remember that there’s a lot more life out there to be lived. Time to start thinking about my January.

Right now though it’s time for Gatsby. Cast outing! This is the party we won’t get on the last night where we just have to break everything down.


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