Early home

We got home early tonight. This IKEA flat has constant chatter. The living room is bright and artificially hot, and there’s a fridge that moans and grumbles so loudly that I hear it in my bedroom. I’ve just pulled it away from the wall as it had been pushed right against it. Perhaps that’ll quieten it down a little from now on.

Now I’m on the sofa, overlooking this balcony view of night time Sheffield.


Our audience tonight was boutique and adorable. There was one Scottish man there who is 100% the nicest man I’ve ever met. He was holding a beautiful conversation with my character about the nature of love and happiness, and the things that are important in life. I was genuinely moved by the intelligence and simplicity with which he tried to bring Ebenezer out of his protectionism. And he utterly treated me like a fragile real person. These conversations are part of why this is a job that I always love to return to. As people explain these things to Scrooge you feel them reconfirming it for themselves. Scrooge understands through them that it’s never too late to shift out of habitual pain patterns. They understand the same for themselves through Scrooge. It’s a two way mirror.

Jack and I have remembered the detail of our working shorthand once again. It’s become so deep, the ability we have to eloquently communicate with each other in great detail using just a flash of an eye. We can have detailed silent conversations. “The book’s over there,” “Someone’s had the bloody stool – don’t get thrown we’ll solve it live!” “I forgot to open the wardrobe – find a reason to do it as I can’t now the focus is on me!” If I was writing this in a respected newspaper someone would send me in to Luvvies in Private Eye for trying to claim I’m psychic. But there is a symbiosis that has developed over time into a deep partnership, and it’s terrific fun when it’s running to feel that connection and ride the wave of it.

But now we are finally properly open, the question of downtime comes into play. I didn’t bring much up with me. I took my Camino rucksack with a few changes of clothes, 3 different tarot packs, a shiny shell and my iPad. No books. I’m sorely tempted to buy a Kindle while I’m up here. Now we are open there’s time to read and explore. Sheffield is an ace town, but it’s also good to curl up with a book and I think a Kindle might be a solution for my itinerant lifestyle. Someone just paid 50 into my bank and I think it might be blog related. I can gamble that into a portable library. Now we are open and pressed we can take our foot off the accelerator a bit, and there are many books still to read. We will still have to do some serious reworking if we sell out to fit in everybody. But the first full house isn’t until this weekend. And I’m finally beginning to feel like I have space in my head again.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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