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While I’ve been walking, the jaguar has been sitting in the cold. Brian turned it over from time to time so the battery’s still good, but it badly needs a bit of use. I’m not sure where I’ll park it in Sheffield, but the residents permit has run out in London. It’s cheaper taking it up north than renewing it. But it’ll be a limp to get there in the state it’s in.

Both of my front tyres were completely flat when I got back from Camino. Slow punctures.  That was fine for a few days. It’s not like you need a car in London anyway. Parking away from home is punishingly expensive, and the buses are great. Even the tube is quick and easy if overpriced. So I let it sit there until this morning and this morning I rang the RAC. I thought about driving it half a mile to the garage, but a few feet of noisy rolling persuaded me that the tyres would be shredded if I tried so I stopped and rang the breakdown number.

I get a couple of callouts a year on my bank account. The guy came fast, was great, and filled it up with air. We limped to KwikFit.


Turned out that the geezer I bought it from cross threaded all the wheel bolts.  Another of the little surprises he left me. “I can get them off but I reckon they won’t go back on,” hisses the Kwikfit man. I was about to pay him £186 for 3 new tyres. “Don’t take them off,” I tell him. He’s relieved – it was going to be a lot of work for him. He wouldn’t take money for his labour either. But it means I can’t fix it now. I have to go online and buy new sets of bolts. Then get them fitted and sorted up north.

So … tomorrow I’ll be limping up A-roads to Sheffield with 2 slow punctures and one crap tyre. Hopefully I’ll make it in one piece. I doubt I’ll be flooring it. There’s no rush. Although I’m looking forward to getting started. The Airbnb we rented for 3 weeks is the nearest thing I’ve had to a permanent base since September. Although tonight I get one more night at home, but a sofa night.

Home is a little sad today. I’m not the only person experiencing problems with expensive toys. Brian bought a 70 inch television with no warranty second hand, and the thing has gone kaput. It takes up most of the space in the living room and currently it’s a very big crap mirror. There’s nothing that pleases him more on a Sunday than to watch movies and play PS4. We were watching Black Panther when it just started screen-blanking with sound still playing. It got more and more frequent until we accepted there was a problem. Then HOURS of diagnostics, until I worked out it did it even when everything was unplugged from the back of it. So not a hardware conflict or a wiring issue. He’s pretty cut up about iti. But it’s Cyber Monday tomorrow, and my credit card is burning a hole in my pocket.

I might get up in the morning and make a crazy purchase. 100% if the tables were turned he would do that for me.

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