London, finally

The first thing about London is that it’s cold. Beautiful though. A crisp November morning. I’ve had no sleep. All the people confuse me. There are so many people. I keep saying “hola” to them. I’m not adjusted yet.


This hasn’t stopped the party. My flat is full of theatre types. It’s wonderful. They can be energetic for me. Tom, Jack and I rehearsed Christmas Carol sitting round the table in my living room. It’s back again! This time it’s on in Sheffield and York. Something concrete to arrive back to, which is a glorious relief. All that walking. Time to do some acting.

Last night we saved €60 and slept on steel benches in Madrid Airport. Should’ve just shelled out, perhaps. Evil steel benches made by hateful spectres that hate humanity. They’re specifically designed not to be slept on. I have no idea how I’m still awake to be frank. It was a hateful night. It’s good to be home even if I’m sleeping on my own sofa. I’ve rented my room until Christmas.

Right now everyone is throwing out their terrible stories of things going wrong in shows. Best show reports they’ve had. Biggest live unnoticed disasters. I haven’t catalysed this conversation. These luvvie type conversations are reasonably rare in this flat. We cover many topics. But tonight, comfortingly, I’ve come home to work. We are talking about shitfaced audience members, almost killing people by mistake, creepy dudes, falling over – all the unpredictable weird wonderful madness that happens to us as we earnestly try to forge a living in this ridiculous profession. I’m glad to come home and remember where my home is. Christmas Carol will be lovely this year, if a bit low-fi compared to previous years. We still haven’t made it to New York, but we’ll be in York York in the week before Christmas which sounds similar.

“Rehearsal” went well, but then alcohol started to happen. With one hour of sleep the words are coming out me slowly. I just spent a good few minutes looking for a simile and gave up. My brain is as tired as my body.

Five hundred words minimum but for the last few months I’ve had long ones. Today, now? No more in me.

Happy November 18th, Nichiren Buddhist friends. I’m not going to any of your tozos. I’m going to be asleep sooner than I should be. Right now I’m going to go and hug my strange lovely theatrical friends…

Ffs. I posted it three days backdated and then tried to remove the evidence…

Author: albarclay

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