Hungover day, and the world is chilly again. My fixed boiler is chuntering away burning banknotes and making the flat feel like a cosy home. Last night drunk Al thought it clever to order late night pizza. Brian Mel and I waited an hour and a half as the guy tunneled through the snow with his overpriced dough. It eventually arrived so late and we all shoved it into our faces almost blindly. I didn’t get to pass out until 3, full of cheese, and at 5.15 my alarm went off and I blearily rang my friend in case she hadn’t set hers. She hadn’t. Once I was happy she was awake I crashed back down and stayed in bed all morning. She flew back to Poland from Stansted at something like half 8. With the amount we’d consumed it’s a miracle she even got to the bus stop.

I haven’t changed out of my dressing gown yet. I’m not going to.

Yesterday was lovely, but I spent too much money. I think I’ll have to drop the booze again. Things are too damn slow. I need to get new photos for my new agent so she can get me some meetings so I can get me some money to get new photos in the first place. How do people manage this crap with rent to pay too? No booze is the wisest move for now. And avoidance of takeaways.

Brian and I chose this snowy weekend to get two takeaways. The drunken pizza and then this evening’s epic curry which also took hours to come through as the delivery driver battled the snow. We both think of ourselves as pretty good cooks but you wouldn’t know it if you’d watched us today. We were hurling good money at people in exchange for overpriced food delivered so slowly that we could’ve grown it.

The three of us remained cocooned in the living room with Pickle and watched The Wolf of Wall Street. We just consumed stuff all day. Pizza, Movies, terrible reality TV, psychology experiments, brainless tat.


Tomorrow I’m at Imperial again and we start an intensive week building towards Macbeth showings at The Factory. It’s going to get busy again, so I’m glad to have had a few days down being indulgent even if I’ll regret it when I see my bank balance.

Right now though I’ve got a cup of licorice and peppermint tea and a good book. Brian has gone to do the get-out for Neverland and to tear down all the steel mezzanines we built a month ago. I was asked to, but couldn’t because of work next week. So I don’t have to take my dressing gown off. “Have fun!” I just shouted down. It’s past 9pm. He won’t be home until 2 at least. He’s off to work extremely hard in the cold, lugging heavy things around and pulling up nails. Poor Brian. I think I’ll have some more chocolate and stroke the cat a bit.

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