Wolf moon

Staggering around Chelsea this evening I stopped to contemplate the moon. It’s full tonight, and at its perigee – the closest to the earth it will come this month. It’s big, bright and stark. I like that it falls tonight, on the first day of the year. A wolf moon is a good moon, and on the right day.


It’s an opportunity to look for positive change, a New Year. And tonight’s wolf moon speaks of good things to come. I’ve got a lot to sort out this month, but I feel the augurs are in place. Change doesn’t happen by mistake, but I’m in a good place to drive it in my life. That’s what I’ve earmarked this month for. January is for sorting my shit out. There’s a lot shit to sort and it’s been left a long time. Plus I’m already a day down as, outside of a little walk in the dark I’ve achieved very little today. 

I’m coming up to a year of this blog every day no matter what. It’s pissed me off from time to time, especially when I’ve been exhausted or smashed. It has interrupted social occasions, but my friends are extremely understanding now. “Sorry guys, gotta get it written, I’ll stay here but I’m out of the conversation for a bit.” On balance it’s been very positive. There are some people in my life who are a little cagey about spending time with me in case I write about them, which is weird. But mostly I’ve felt more connected to people because of it, although in this digital age there’s no substitute for spending actual time in the company of friends. I’d like to do a bit more of that in the year to come.

Right now everyone is playing Game of Thrones Risk in my flat. I’m sitting behind them on the sofa, under the cat and a blanket, writing this and thinking about positive change. I’d love to tell you that my New Year’s Day was spent rising at dawn and swimming in the sea before going for a jog to the market to load up on healthy vegan food for Veganuary and then kissing a puppy. New Year, new you? We’ll – this new me staggers home at 6.40am and passes out until noon, gets up for painkillers, manages to keep down half a bacon sandwich and a can of coke, sleeps for another 3 hours and then goes for a walk to look at the moon instead of watching Star Wars. Then he wraps up warm with beer and friends and puts the Braveheart soundtrack on Spotify.

I’m probably allowed to have a rest today. Yesterday was the last show of Carol, followed by the crazy party. Tomorrow we’ll be dismantling all the stuff we built for Carol, driving a Luton all over town, tearing down the wallpaper, and likely moving a fucked Suzuki from one motorcycle shop to… somewhere it can be until we decide what to do with it.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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