Babies and Cat

Babies. Little incompetent people. Over the years, various friends and family members have expectorated them, and then they’ve grown. Some of them have transformed into creatures that I speak with about things. A few of them are on Facebook making their first few posts. But most of the ones I know are more concerned with shitting themselves and howling. I look forward to their music recommendations in years to come. And their political arguments. But for now they are exist-machines.

My best friend is germinating one of these monsters. It’s burgeoning within her. Every time I see her she is noticeably bigger. It’s remarkable and fascinating. She’s been putting up with weird moods, cravings and sicknesses. Something inside her has been trying to make sense of what it wants. This evening the dad turned 30. A load of people came to celebrate.

Since I was early I blew up some balloons.:


It was great to see Rhys. We raised a glass, even though, of course, she isn’t drinking. A whole new human being is growing in her body, and we were celebrating both that and his decade. Today I got to hang out with loads of people who are important to me. It was a good, and varied day.

It began with Brian’s birthday breakfast. He’s in New York by now, I hope, after a long flight. Rebecca came round, and since breakfast is a tradition in the BarclayHook household, I tried to make a special breakfast. I hope it sent him on his way to America well. I found myself thinking again how lucky I’ve been to spend this year living alongside him. Friendship comes in many forms. Ours is positive and nurturing. We want each other to do well. That’s how all friendships thrive, and it’s a proper joy. It’s great to think that he is taking his show Rotterdam to New York. It’s a beautiful piece, and will be coming to The Arts Theatre in June.

After Brian got on his flight I met up with Hannah – another creative who is very important to me. We hung in Greenwich, and even though it’s been a while since we saw one another it was like no time had passed. She’s living in Eastbourne at the moment and I have to work in town tomorrow, otherwise I would’ve been tempted to just hang out with her in the countryside. But I need to be back in my red jumpsuit tomorrow, doing ridiculous random stuff.

Right now I have the cat on my lap. She is making odd persistent noises, and paddling her feet into my leg. I think she’s on heat, and so did the vet. She is now a permanent fixture here, for better or for worse. I took her to the Blue Cross and she’s not chipped. The posters in the area yielded no results. Right now she is actively trying to have sex with my arm. It’s encouraging, as the Blue Cross told me she might be pregnant and surely if you already are pregnant you wouldn’t think that a human arm is the best source of satisfaction and babies. Time will tell… Goodnight all. I’m knackered.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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