IMAG0441I’m watching Better Call Saul at the moment. I’m about halfway through the second season. I remember with Breaking Bad that that was the toughest point so I’m trying to stick with it because I trust the creative team, based on precedent. It’s interesting how we do that. I’ve been captivated in the past by a particular combination of actors and creatives, so I’m willing to trust them again, and work through a hard patch in expectation of rewards to come.

Telly is the hardest thing to watch as an actor, because the scripts are so frequently horrifyingly awful. Seeing people negotiate the minefield is extremely satisfying though, if they do it properly. The Better Call Saul lot are experts. It’s lovely to see television where many of the actors are weird looking, rather then cookie cut aspirational beautiful. The scripts are pretty good as well, compared to the usual “I speak all my subtext as text” stuff. I can count my TV auditions over 20 years on the fingers of one hand. I’ve helped numerous friends though, as linesbitch. The better you can practice that stuff the closer you can make it sound to real human speech. I’ve been a pretty auspicious linesbitch over the years. Lots of my three dimensional friends have landed these ostensibly 2d characters that serve a plot purpose, and brought their humanity to tricky tricky lines. I’d love to have a go at it if only someone could open that door. It seems a fascinating aspect of my craft and one that would fit my sponge brain. Bob Odenkirk certainly makes all of his lines sing. I think I could do the same, but every door has so far been shut. Soon though, somehow…

I was watching telly as a Friday night reward for doing my tax return. “That’s early,” I hear you mumble. No. No it really isn’t. It was due in January. If I don’t get it in by the end of April they take my firstborn. And I’ve now moved into the tax period which covers a dark time in my career. Apex casting, Nadir meetings. So I already know I’m below the minimum threshold which is depressing considering I wasn’t for the previous two years. But I also know, based on talking to friends I admire, that I’m in exceptionally fine company so I can’t complain, although I can perhaps seek for smarter representation. Or make my own stuff.

I guess I’m enjoying Better Call Saul because it’s not just employing mister washboard stomach face-boy. It helps me believe that there’s a Giles out there for me somewhere. It’s also hard to break the pattern of worrying about work on this blog right now, as I’m trying to keep myself accountable, but I’m mostly scrabbling with day jobs again. I can’t wait for the chance to write in here that I’ve got something visible or interesting, as it’ll pay off my credit cards. Meantime wishing everyone that reads this the best of fortune in whatever walk you walk in, and I’ll keep believing in you and myself.

I can barely keep my eyes open. I didn’t want to shortword it twice in a row so I’m hacking this with one finger and one eye in bed. Tomorrow I hope to get into a fight with an octopus for you lot. Right now it’s just me and my hot water bottle…


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This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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