Pub quiz

Day 24. Pub quiz! Oh I like a good pub quiz. An excuse to chat to friends, an excuse to win some booze. A good pub quiz has that twofold effect. If you have a retentive brain for odd knowledge you can drink for free, and maybe make friends. Over time many good things have come from them for me. In Forest Hill about 8 years ago my flatmate Nathan and I began a conversation that would lead to the two of us being immortalised as the voices of Charlie the Caterpillar and Stanley the Snail for a range of children’s toys. That was at a pub quiz. I had a first date at a pub quiz once and the two of us won so much alcohol there we stayed together for years and I’m still friends with her. There is something about the idea of trading esoteric knowledge for free alcohol that satisfies anyone who has been told as a child “You’ll never profit from reading all those myths”.
My friend Emma messages me on whatsapp to throw me in the way of some friends of hers. Kimberley apologises for being British and meeting at a pub quiz. I’m thrilled. It takes place in EB’s Beer and Wine which is an open bar that forms part of a farmer’s market on the corner of third and Fairfax. As I sit down Kimberley says “Welcome to the centre of the British part of LA. You can walk around here.” I got an uber there and I am getting an uber back, but this appeals to me. I love to walk as you may have gleaned if you’ve got this far into my mumblings. I’ll have to explore this area sometime.


My first realisation is that I have accidentally come out without any means to pay. I had to take the dogs out for a pee and Rocko spent so long playing the “screw you I ain’t peeing” game that I was in a hurry by the time I got him inside and got in the uber and I didn’t think to check my card was in my wallet. Not that it makes any difference. The people I’m with, despite being strangers, are extremely generous and when they hear that I’m writing about my time here they have many suggestions of things I should do. Our mutual friend Rhik does this sort of thing for a living and when he came out to LA they took him to some places that sound wonderfully ghastly. I make lots of mental notes.


Sadly we do not win. The only round we win hands down is THE DRINKS ROUND. Identifying musical instruments. We got them all. Well, when I say “we” it was Andrew with some encouragement from the team. Andrew is a one man quiz team sitting modestly to my right drinking restrained amounts. His name might not be Andrew. But he remembers things better than … some of the other people on the team…

But we ace the drinks round 100%.  Which shows where our priorities are. For the rest of the time we are just not rigorous enough. But I can see this is a good team. Not winning comes as a disappointment to them and I am concerned that on my first ever night with them we only come third. I owe them some beers now. I hope they’ll have me back next Tuesday. Can you name all the instruments?


And this was the only thing I did today outside of work and writing this. No time for big thoughts. I have a lot to do, more than I would have liked, too much, and I’m on a timer. I’ll likely explain in a future post if there comes a day when I literally do nothing but research and emails. But at least today I got to the quiz…

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