America Day 07 – Day off

We have been here a week. Last night was one of the rare occasions where I just couldn’t write a proper blog. I could barely remember the start of the sentence by the time I was in the middle. Tequila, I lay the blame firmly at your door. We got awfully drunk after the working week, and then we got upsold the expensive tequila and ended up very happily drinking up a chunk of our paycheck in a beer garden in Mishawaka.

Laundry. Laundry and chill. That’s been the order of the day today. We drove to CVS to get detergent and Tylenol. We have a very large vehicle. I was almost sick in the parking lot.


I realised I hadn’t eaten. I put some pasta into me and went and read a book until things settled down.

I’m back in my hotel room, waiting for the laundry to go round, very seriously contemplating the earliest of early beds so we can get up and do two runs of the show tomorrow before meeting some academics and establishing what they want from having an actor come into their classes. It’s not going to get any less busy, I can tell you that much. But I’m learning to take my time when I can get it, even if today four of us kind of lost our day to the night before.

Jonno represented. He managed to pull out of tequila night early, and got a good night’s sleep while we all crammed into an Uber at 3am.

He got up and walked into South Bend and explored the local sights. He sent photos of his findings to the four of us as we blearily pinballed between the shower and the bed and the coffee machine. We could vicariously do the sightseeing through him. Normally I love to see the sights, to find out about places I’m working in. It’s why I love to travel for work when I can. The world is too damn big. I’ll never see it all but I’ll see what I can see when I can see it, and if I can do that and act at the same time then it’s perfect. It’s just the booze that gets in the way… Overdo it and you lose the next day. Damn.

The show is landing. We need to pace it up. We are trying to do it complete and uncut just so we can say we are doing it complete and uncut, but a little part of me wants to get out the big scissors and snip fat now. But I reckon we will manage to tighten it and pace it up. We are a close knit unit now, the five of us, and we want to make this the best we can. It’s why we haven’t stopped. We choose the time we work and that time is most of the time.

First show is on Wednesday. We need to run it a few times. We also need an audience but not until we’ve run it those few times. It’s gonna be great but there’s a mountain between us and the first show. After next week, barring travel, it’ll settle I think.


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